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BookVenture was created 2014, only 3 years ago and have already 16 complaints, more than 5 p/y.BBB says very clear that BV failed to answer all of them, even though they reached a settlement with the victim, but they never got their refund.

I already contacted my legal department also and last week I filed a complaint against BV not only for the refund, but for illegal scam practices, in case I don,t receive my money back, we are ready to sue and I'm also contacting the attorney general of Michigan to file a complaint, BV shouldn't be allow to do business, cheating innocent people who have a dream to become writers and charging them thosands for things that is free and it only takes 2 clicks to do it. Me and you should check before going to BV.

Go to BBB and read what all the victims say about BV that got charged thousands and never got a penny out of it and BV even failed to pay their royalties.And a writer who invested more than $20,000 only got a $ 100 and no even that BV gave it to him

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


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The BookVenture publishing company knows full well how difficult it is to publish a book.And the many rigors and challenges authors face to have their books published.

This is why BookVenture came to be in the first place. To give self-publishing authors the best chance to succeed and achieve their publishing dreams. Which is why the company has seen fit to release a statement regarding any accusations on the company’s transparency when it comes to royalties.

BookVenture has always put great store in honesty when it comes to dealing with authors. Which is why the company has a highly efficient author support system to help authors in need of advice and to give them as much assistance as possible.

And should there be any complaints on the part of the author, BookVenture is always ready to help. But in order for the company to help, all complainants must first give their contact information in order for their complaints to be addressed. Because how can the company address your issue if you do not identify yourself?

BookVenture would also like to point out that any author affiliated with BookVenture can always check their royalties through an online account in the BookVenture Website. This will enable them to check their royalties every now and then.

And seeing as that the royalty information are updated at a weekly basis, what is seen there is as accurate as they can be.

BookVenture has always followed a standard procedure concerning royalty payments which are deliberately stated in our agreement and in our FAQ-Bookselling & Royalties: https://www.bookventure.com/faq.That said should any author have any complaints or questions, the company is always ready to clarify and give the best advice possible.


I used book ventures publisher in 2015 is when my 1st book got published.Over 2 half years since my book got published.

And i never received any royalties from my book yet. I paid over 1600.

To publish my book.This company is a scam and never gives us authors any royalties for our books.


to Irene Holmes #1429917

The BookVenture self-publishing company has always been transparent and honest with all of our client authors.And through the years we have tried our very best to give our client authors the best services possible.

Which is why the company has seen fit to release a statement rebutting a negative review from Ms. Irene Holmes, a client author. Ms. Holmes claimed in her negative review that the company has not paid her any royalties for her first book, despite her paying around $1,600.

The book was published by BookVenture in 2015, almost 3 years ago. She also made unfounded accusations against the company regarding its business practices and transparency.

To this the company would like to state the following facts. Before any author becomes a client of BookVenture they are given proper setting of expectations in regards to their royalty payments. The author is given due knowledge that the company cannot guarantee that their books will sell.

The company can only provide services that will help them get their books published and help their chances of selling their books. So should the book sell or not, depends predominantly on the book’s merits.

As for the issue with Ms. Holmes, the main reason why she had not received any royalty payment until this very moment is because her royalty accumulation did not reach the amount set for the firm to send it to her.

Furthermore, she was sent a guide on how to check her royalties using her online author account at BookVenture website. Thus she could have checked out her royalties at any time. This makes her accusations of dishonesty in regards to royalties lacking in any factual basis.

BookVenture has already taken action on this issue and communicated to Ms. Holmes regarding her royalties.

The company would like to state that it has religiously provided all the services that Irene Holmes has paid for and that includes publishing her title last Sept. 9, 2015 under BookVenture and also a Radio Interview with Ric Bratton - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEaKnvHtwww.

All in all, BookVenture no longer holds any outstanding liabilities to the author as per the contract and services being paid.

The company has always been adamant in keeping our authors updated and having a reputation for transparency and trustworthiness.By clarifying this issue, we hope to alleviate any doubts and continue to serve our authors to the best of our abilities.

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